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A safe place for your school aged children

Due to unforeseen circumstances like weather closures, your school-aged children will need a place to

spend the day while you work or attend to daily errands. Wee Wons Day Care Center & Preschool

can help you with this.


We guarantee your kids will have a blast this summer with us!

Let us care for your kids during the holidays

Just because school closes during the holidays does not mean that your place of employment does. During this time, our day care facility will gladly care for your school aged children.

Before / after school program

We help fill in the before and after school gap for your children.

When you have to be to work during these hours, our facility can provide your child with a safe place to hang out. Wee Wons Day Care Center

& Preschool accommodates drop-off and pick-up from school.

Our facility offers you a helping hand with childcare for your school aged children.


Do you have questions for our staff? Please call:


Compliant with PA learning standards

Our teachers are certified with the state of Pennsylvania's learning standards for the instruction of school-aged kids. Your child will be in a fun, safe environment that promotes socialization with other children. Know that our teachers will also help your child complete their

homework assignments.