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Toddlers Pre-2 Daycare Playground

Pre-K Counts Program

Through quality pre-kindergarten, we can help make your child's future brighter!


Below, you'll find all the information you need concerning our Pre-K Counts program.


We accept applications for Pre-K Counts throughout the year.

Important forms and resources:

Our curriculum aligns with PA state standards.

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more information about our pre-k program.



Our teachers are accredited in E.C.E


• Manners (rules and safety)

• You and your community

• You and your family

• Historical (Important holidays)

• Understanding others

• Current Events

• Print letters Recognize Capital Letters

• Recognize Lower Case Letters Read Name

• Recognize Color Words Know Consonant Sounds

• Identify numerals 0 to 20

• Explain and continue a pattern of objects

• Recognize properties of circles, triangles, and rectangles

• Create graphs with concrete objects

• Use objects to show more than/less than/equal to

• Combine and then count two sets of objects

• Speak in simple sentences

• Develop listening skills.

• Speak before of a group

• Discover different literacy forms and elements of literature

• Recognize nouns, verbs, adjectives, and nominative case pronouns

• Understand declarative and interrogative sentences

• Listen and understand a story read by a teacher

• Learn to print




Social Studies

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